👏 Hey Stranger!

I'm glad you found my site. My name is Endre Vegh a software engineer at Formidable London.

Here I will write about engineering topics, writing, health, workout, basic decision making, philosophy and learning.


I find myself more and more interested in building products. To make that easier my dear friend Dom and I created Saruni. Check it out, drop some critique or just use it if you like it. This is heavily in the process of development. Don't use it for production, yet!

If you are interested in where I worked in the past or what experience I have you can download my resume or even better: visit the FAQ page.

If you'd like to contact me, just write an email to endre.vegh [at] yahoo [dot] com. Or drop me a message on twitter or linkedIn.

There are few things that keep me excited. Some has been an addiction for a while, some are newfound interests.


I have a weird bonding with deadlifts. I find pulling heavy stuff extremely satisfying. Kind of a ritual.

I am also fascinated by the link between nutrition and wellbeing (mental sharpness and chronic diseases especially). One particular fetish of mine is (prolonged) fasting.

I am also interested in some aspects of philosophy. Mainly the the ones that can have very profound real world implications, like ancient (virtue) ethics, epistemology, existentialism and meaning. These things led me into the rabbit hole of stoicism, complexity, (anti-)fragility and things alike.

As a last thing, I like learning. Learning by experimenting. Software engineering is a strange mixture of two very prominent dopamine hit: solving problems and creating something out of nothing (an exhilarating feeling). Both requires learning.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

But learning should be followed by self-reflection and solidifying our knowledge. Just as feasting should be followed by fasting, things tend to work in cycles.