Anaerobics - destruction & reconstruction
May 02, 2020
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The power of twitter lies in things like this book. Twitter provides "underground" resources and people to follow. Basically, If I am unsure of something I go to twitter and search fot the right people to follow. You can learn more about diet or engineering from other people who used their knowledge (real world exposure) than from academia.

This book is a gem.

If someone asks me, what one exercise he or she should do, if there was a limit, my answer would be deadlift. Along the same logic, that would be the one book regarding diet/exercise I would recommend this one.

Being healthy is risk reduction. Healthy is robust.

This book deals with health and being healthy as risk reduction. Not the superficial motivation to look good, or lose weight. It helps creating an identity by providing a solid mental framework that's usefulness is far beyond diet.

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