Experience and work related questions

First, thank you for visiting my site. I have written down and compiled the most frequent questions to see if it's me whom you are looking for. (If you still have questions, please write an email.)

πŸ“…Updated at: 11th of October, 2020.

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πŸ‘€ Am I looking for new opportunities at the moment?



Yes, as a matter of fact I am much more interested in remote gigs. I have worked remotely for almost two years now.

My main focus is frontend engineering. I worked on social networking product with a large user base at an early stage startup. Actually there were two products. One web based and one for native platform (iOS / Android).

For them the tech stack we used was:

  • javascript
  • typescript
  • react
  • react-native
  • nodejs
  • git
  • codepush
  • stripe
  • graphql
  • AWS

Currently I'm using node.js and AWS more and more often.

Feel free to download my cv / resume under the resume link. If you are in a hurry, the short answer is this:

  • 4 years of javascript
  • 3.5 years react, redux
  • 2.5 years graphql
  • half year of typescript
  • half a year of AWS and serverless

I have worked with a digital agency for a short time (1 month) and ~3 years for an early stage startup.

I did a few things as side projects.


I gave two talks, on in React London, one in React Advanced London. You can find them in the projects section.

At some point I got fascinated by React so I decided to build it from scratch with the help of articles, videos and just the React source. You can find the link in the projects section.

I had the opportunity to give back something to the community. I was the co-author of the PACKT project titled The React Workshop. We tried to create a no nonsense learning material for newcomers to React so they can start building ASAP.

Saruni is an open source project tries to create full stack javascript products easier. It is different than a boilerplate. It goes from start to finish. By finish I mean full production ready deployment. Its aim is to allow small teams and startups to iterate on a product or between products as fast as possible.

I'd prefer mid stage startups and SMEs and agencies. I am sensible to scaling and would try to avoid bigger corporate environments.

I worked for an early stage-startup in the past. I learnt a lot and failed a lot. I think it is time to work with a slightly bigger team and learn how I can contribute and use my skills.

I value ability to learn, growth mindset and above all, trial && error (stochastic tinkering). When it comes to company I am interested in the team, the culture and of course the tech they are using.

Yes, but it depends on the location and the role. I did that in the past multiple times.